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We and AI is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) set up and staffed by volunteers. We seek and welcome participation from people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our primary mission is to increase public awareness and understanding of Artificial Intelligence in the UK. The UK is falling behind the EU which has public education programmes being rolled out. Awareness and education are vital, in order to empower people to make their voices heard about how AI should be used and controlled. We also need to encourage more people from different backgrounds to get involved with or work in AI. For example currently only 11% of those currently building AI are female.
AI can be used for great good, as we can see with the multiple ways it is being used to speed up the diagnosis of Covid-19, deliver aid to those who need it, and speed up the search for a vaccine.

But it can also increase inequality and make mistakes. For example it has sent the wrong people to jail based on postcodes and ethnicities, it can often prioritise male over more qualified female job candidates, and it has offered men 30x more credit than their wives. It reflects the human biases of the select group who build AI, and can increase the inequalities in our society.
Technology has evolved so quickly that there aren’t adequate laws or systems to protect us and our rights. That is why we aim to build engagement, feedback and activism amongst the public, who are vital to accelerate and better inform the process of making AI fair for everyone. We also aim to inspire more people from different backgrounds to work in developing and making decisions on AI, crucial to helping reduce the unconscious biases which AI models can amplify.

We are developing easy to understand awareness, education and inclusion programmes about the risks and rewards of AI. We aim to bridge the gap between those making decisions on how AI is used and controlled, and the wider public whose lives are being shaped by it.

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Nov 24 ‑ Nov 25, 2020 Virtual Event 2020 is the first decentralized event for global communities. This event offers you talks, panel discussions and workshops relevant for an enterprise executive but also for a private citizen. The event will cover all aspects of digitalization and the interaction of humans and technology.

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