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Jo Vercammen



Jo Vercammen is the CTO of Meeco. Prior to his role with Meeco, he was the co-founder of Juru; a blockchain and digital identity start-up, which successfully developed a range of identity and GDPR solutions for Belgian government and commercial sectors.

In addition Jo was a senior researcher and lecturer on Blockchain at Howest University College for Applied Science. He was approached to teach based on his early Bitcoin experience, having launched the first Bitcoin exchange in Belgium in 2013.

This expertise rapidly evolved to providing professional services to companies starting blockchain and bitcoin projects.

His software engineering and product development experience resulted in the provision of technical services and business support on product roadmap for open platform architecture, blockchain, API management and microservices.

From October 2019 Jo together with his Juru technical co-founder and development team joined Meeco.

As CTO he is supporting Meeco’s global growth and expansion through the development and delivery of Meeco’s product portfolio including FinTech and RegTech solutions for Open Banking, PSD2 and GDPR.

Jo is an active member in the identity and blockchain community, a contributor to a range of standards and identity working groups including the Decentralised Identity (DIF) and Hyperledger Foundations. He is leading the solution design, technical development and implementation of Verified Credentials solutions across a range of financial service use cases. This has included the design and development of a range of new Meeco products to support the discovery, trust and use of Verified Credentials for Distributed and Self Soverign Identity.

Recently Jo was accepted by Free University of Brussels to research Zero Knowledge Proofs based on the Zero Value Knowledge system,  developed by Meeco to enable progressive disclosure for the provision of personalised services, when using encrypted data.

Jo is regularly asked to speak at international blockchain, distributed ledger, FinTech and Identity events.


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Customer Identity & Marketing Automation

Jul 16, 2020
Breakout Session: Building the Bridge Between Established User Authentication and the Decentralized World
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Customer Identity & Marketing Automation

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Ms. Lauren Zuber
+49 211 23707725
  • Jul 16, 2020 12:00pm - 6:00pm CEST

Key Topics

  • Effective Identity Management for Better Customer Experience

  • The Future of CIAM & Data Protection

  • AI and Marketing Automation

  • Best Practice Cases for CIAM

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