AImpact Summit 2019 Key Topics

AImpact Summit 2019

Explore & Discuss the Growing Impact of AI

  • Understanding AI Technology and Its Foreseeable Impact, Challenges and Opportunities

  • AI Governance – Adopting AI in a Fair and Accountable Manner

  • Roboethics and Machine Ethics – Designing AI as a Moral Agent  

  • AI for Identity – Intelligent ID Verification Systems for Better Security

  • AI & Cybersecurity – Applying Machine Learning and AI Principles to Cybersecurity

  • AI Solutions & Best Cases – In-Depth Guide to AI Use Cases and Application from Text-Based Automated Bots to Self-Driven Cars

  • AI Predictions – Towards What Kind of Future Does AI Point? From Fashionable Key Words to Everyday Technologies

  • Machine Learning and Automation – ML, Analytics and Deep Learning In the Business Ecosystem and the Future of Traditional Industries