KuppingerCole’s Evaluation of Leading Vendors in the Identity API Platforms Market

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Many different factors are driving Digital Transformation in the market today. One factor is the change in how businesses interact with their customers. Another factor is more on the technical side that addresses the implementation of new Digital Services that have become more complex due to the different environments and the many integration points to consider.

This is driving the rapidly growing demand for exposing and consuming APIs. APIs are enabling organizations to create new business models, connect with partners and customers while providing a seamless experience by linking systems and services together. Identity API Platforms expose APIs to capabilities ranging from IAM to Federation and more while supporting both the agile and DevOps paradigms that address the more complex IT environments seen today. 

The KuppingerCole Analysts Leadership Compass “Identity API Platforms” discusses the market direction and provides a detailed evaluation of market players and offers essential guidance to help you find the product that you need. 

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