Cybersecurity Is More Than Just Defensive

IT teams should be aware that when they are planning the cybersecurity strategy for their company they are essentially doing damage control. It is not enough to bolster defense mechanisms because in the long run there is a big chance that they will not last a strong attack. This means that cybersecurity departments should prepare to fail, and have a water-proof plan on what to do after they have been successfully attacked. Christopher Schuetze, Lead Analyst and Cybersecurity Practice Director at KuppingerCole, stressed this in a recent blog and will deal with it in more detail at the Incident Response Boot Camp which is part of Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2019 in Berlin, starting tomorrow.

Another big topic at the conference will be the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity. In the Opening Keynote, for instance, Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger will talk about how AI already revolutionizes the way we do Identity & Access Management and cybersecurity. He will be followed by a keynote by Dr. Mariarosa Taddeo, Research Fellow and Deputy Director at the Digital Ethics Lab at Oxford University, on the risk of trusting AI in cybersecurity. Afterwards, a stream with several sessions and a panel regarding AI and machine learning for cybersecurity will go into even more detail and give visitors even more perspectives.

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Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2019


Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2019

Humboldt Carré, Berlin