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The KuppingerCole CIO GPS shows the nine areas CIOs should focus on for IT Spend Optimization, Business IT/Alignment, and Strategic Procurement, when looking at GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) and Information Security.

GPS stands for Governance, Privacy and Data Protection, and Security.

The KuppingerCole GPS provides orientation for CIOs and their teams on finding their way through all these trends and buzzwords, identifying the areas that provide the greatest business benefits.

  Governance Privacy and Data Protection Security
IT Spend Optimization Working to the Business, not the Auditor Information Stewardship – Spotlight on Risk and People Focus on the Big Picture, Avoid Point Solutions
Business/IT Alignment Enterprise GRC – Integrate Business and IT GRC Enabling a new level of Customer Experience: Life Management Platforms Assignment Management – Access as an Asset
Strategic Procurement Standardized Cloud Service Provider Selection and Assurance Information Security instead of Technology Security Enable the Extended Enterprise by using Cloud Security Services

The KuppingerCole CIO GPS (click any field to get more information)

There are other functional areas, beyond “GPS”, that a CIO has to focus on. However, these three areas have grown exponentially in relevance over the course of recent years. Many initiatives such as Cloud Computing done right, the Mobile and Social Enterprise, and others, play mainly in that field. Thus, the GPS goes far beyond “Security” and far beyond the CISO scope.

For all three functional areas we look at what CIOs and their IT Organizations need to do for maximum benefits regarding the three business challenges

Just click on your topic of interest – this links to a page that provides a quick overview on what KuppingerCole believes to be the most important task, together with links to further KuppingerCole research such as reports, blog posts, and podcasts of KuppingerCole webinars.

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