Ok, nothing is more boring than yesterdays news, I guess!

Despite this oh so true statement, especially in the blogosphere, I would like to rant about SUN's recent acquisition of VAAU, a small company that offers tools around role mining and role engineering as well as compliance.

I had the sincere pleasure to work with some of the VAAU EMEA people and found both their tools and their approach to be very exciting. SUN in Germany is also very excited - at least the SUN guys I talked to lately - and they are eager to put their new tools to work exclusively, bearing in mind that VAAU was open to most IAM vendors before and will now probably go exclusive with SUN ID Management solutions. I'd say this is quite a punch for the remaining bunch...

Same as SAP has to prove that their Maxware deal was worth the prize, SUN now has to make sure that the competitive advantage of exclusive access to VAAU technology can be supported with special ties and deeper integration with their IAM solutions. I intend to closely watch these guys next year, and probably have a chat or two with representatives of both sides! This is an invitation - but you know that, don't you?

See you all soon