Ok, this should be a blog about insights to the general Identity & Access Management and Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Markets. Sorry to bother you guys with technology details (like the one about Win7 and 3G(UMTS) on netbooks, every once in a while, but I think one blog is enough to maintain and publish stuff to ;- ) So, who ever started using Win 7 in a secure environment may have come across the issue that smartcard log-in works like a breeze in these days, but you may be as puzzled as I was, when I pulled the card from the reader and the system did NOT lock itself... Well, as my friend Walter Hofer of IDpendant was kind enough to investigate the issue (and let me know right after he found out): Even with a corresponding GPO in the AD set, Win 7 will refuse to lock the computer after the smartcard has been removed from the reader as Microsoft chose to create a new system service called Smartcard Removal Policy - and it is set to MANUAL. Unless you look that service up in the "Services" menu and change its start behaviour to "Auto", you will not get the expected results--- Just to get you a faster solution if this should occur to you, too! Keep up the safe&secure computinge experience!