Vienna Calling

Well, unlike Falco in his famous hit single, this time it is SAP, who's calling the worlds'ERP elite to Austrias capital next week - and I am happy enough to participate in this one-in-a-thousand events that really stand out. My very high expectations regarding the expertise I am planning to meet is only paralleled by the curiousity if (and if yes, who) there is gonna be a star like Zucchero performing as part of the event :-) Ok, back to the real issues, because there is lot of work to be done while I am at the event. First of all, I will try to get as much in-depth technology insight as possible and my agenda is bustling with activity around Netweaver Identity Management and SAP security. Especially the second, more general topic has some relevance as I am looking into the SAP and 3rd party audit and compliance solutions available today. Besides SAP's own offering in the GRC arena, I am about to dive deeper into CheckAud of ibs Schreiber, a tool I came across in several Master's thesis I have been advisor for. Next is "mesaforte" of Swiss Wikima4 AG and last not least the SAST System Audit and Security Toolkit, of Akquinet, especially since they now co-operate with my valued friends at Virtual Forge (some of my former Fraunhofer SIT colleagues are the founders). Do you have expertise in one of those? Are you at TechEd in Vienna? Make sure to meet me over a cup of coffee or a Stiegl Bräu beer! Looking forward to meet you in Vienna!

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