The Empire Strikes Back!

Well, I thought nothing could puzzle me regarding the IAM market these days - acquisitions, mergers, emerging start-ups.

This ONE "acquisition" really hit me: Dick Hardt joins Microsoft! I almost dropped my morning espresso shot, when I received his (mass-)email... Once I read through his blog-posts here and here  though, I fully understand and congratulate both Dick and my former co-workers at Microsoft! It almost makes me wish I was still there ;-) - now with even more big AND versatile brains in Redmond it must feel like the "in the old days"... Nevertheless, I think the (not so evil) empire really was able to "strike back". Hiring Dick shows that Microsoft really wants this IAM thing to work - not only product-wise for the enterprise market, but also for the general population "BORGrosoft drones", which most of us still tend to be...

It really makes me book a flight to Seattle next spring to have some good Mac&Jack's Amber, deep-fried turkey (see Dick's blog) and most of all: some great discussion on Identity 2.1 , as I would call it from now on!

Dick & Jennifer: I wish you all the best in and around Redmond, it IS a great place to stay in the US!

Ray & Kim: nice catch ;-)

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