I recently bought a very expensive high-end Sony VAIO VGN-z31 and was more than surprised and downright angry, when I found out they had disabled the "VT"support of the Intel CPU, making it almost useless when it comes to virtualization with Virtual PC, VMware Workstation, Xen or what ever your favourite Hypervisor was.

With their latest set of updates for their EFI (the new BIOS technology) now finally they gave in to the numerous customer complaints, all coming from power users and professionals, who were upset to just have spent 2.000 -3.000 €/$ on a machine, that was basically leaving them without support for virtualization.

Vaio customers, rejoice! Check the update sources for your machine, and hopefully you will find a matching update. For all others: check out the "reverse engineered" hacks for activating VT... Happy VMwaring

Sebastian PS: off to get that SQL Server running...