#sapteched: too much twittering.. ;-) - but not enough on IAM & GRC

Did you find yourself adding hash-tags in emails or "old-fashioned" blog posts recently? Well, I think we are all tweeting quite a lot (except for me, I do not spend to much time on it) and organizing tweets that way is a good thing, for sure...

In between two Netweaver security tracks I just wanted to give you an update on the cool show, SAP put together once again! I already met so many friends and colleagues and usual suspects, I almost felt like visiting EIC ;-) in Munich. Novell made some great announcements recently and - to no surprise for me - their now combined SAP/Novell offering for end-to-end GRC does add a lot of value for customers of both companies. Just a few weeks ago, doing an invited talk at the SAP Partner Port in Waldorf with Loren Heilig, Managing Director of IBSolutions, I claimed that SAP does have a big advantage when it comes to Business GRC, while they really lack the depth needed to control everything down to the system-level, aka "more technically". As a complimentary solution vendor, I showed some Novell slides, and the reactions were pretty ... ambigious. While the customer audience seemed to like the idea, the vendor representatives seemed a bit uncomfortable. Today, I find my self to be proven by reality - my own little "analyst crystal ball" only had a "warning period" of roughly 4 month, though. Maybe I should get to London and place some bets, before making my next presentations... SAP and Novell: congratulations! You now offer the most complete GRC approach in the market today (at least from my humble perspective!)

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