Again, sorry for bothering you with non-IAM information, but this is heavily interesting for those looking into Business-GRC. Jut now, Nokia, SAP and Gieseke+Devrient announced the JointVenture calles Original1, which will offer SaaS solutions for anti-piracy and anti-conterfeiting projects. Goal is to enable customs officers, supply-chain service providers and possible whole-sale customers to check and verify if a certain batch or delivery is actually original product or counterfeited merchandise. The solution will leverage technology by all three vendors, comprising SAP ERP back-end information, Nokia mobile device extensions for on-site reading/scanning of products and Gi+De technology to secure the process steps and information. The company will be led by Claudia Alsdorf as CEO and will be located in Frankfurt, Germany. As to specific requirements, the solutions will be technology agnostic and available on devices and systems not offered by the contributing parties. Target customers will be the brand-owners and vendors of high-value or high-risk products, e.g. luxury goods, pharmaceuticals or the like.