Joining a special "reality" session was the best choice I made while attending IIW. Not only was this a wonderful opportunity to compare our KuppingerCole approach to providing insight and second opinion on the exact topic, but getting a deeper understanding of how to analyse and structure the whole process from the point of the Identity Architect. Most important was to learn about the projection and "5 year plan", especially regarding assertions, federation and -naturally (for me) smartcards and certificates. Great to learn also, that usage of TPM (Trusted Platform Modules for Trusted Computing) as a secure storage for softtokens and certificates is gaining momentum (years after manufacturers started integrating them int PCs and laptops). I will definitly check back with the "anonymous" presenter during the next years to see his strategy evolve, especially as my recent learnings on biometric authentication schemes, SSO and strong auth in general were my pay-back to the architect.

To my special friends at Infineon: hey, your products are actually in need on this side of the ocean ;-) and there IS business to be made with TPMs!