The recent acquisition of EUREKIFY by CA does not come as a surprise, it was rather expected to happen sooner or later after the OEM/reseller agreement had been published. CA took what was left for grabs after SUN had (more to our surprise) settled an agreement with VAAU, who also had been in close cooperation with CA (and others) before. The consolidation regarding the role mining and role management market is in full progress and it is to be expected that each large IAM player in the market will cooperate if not acquire one of the smaller role specialists left in the field. As from the side of Eurekify, overall good/euphoric feedback on the deal was received. I tried to contact Dave Hansen to get his personal quote on the deal, but yet my sources at CA have not been able to push through to him. I, personally, think that this acquisition is good for CA and will strengthen their position, especially during the presales phase. Role mining and analysis as a service has become more important to assess the IAM-readiness of customers, allthough the value-add derived from an in-depth analysis is far bigger  than just acting as a bait to prospect IAM customers. I expect CA to position and integrate their newest toy as a core component in their GRC/IAM offering, as role modeling, provisioning, audit and the like are interwoven with each other and need to be dealt with in a joint effort.

Good luck! I am looking forward to a personal dialogue with IAM guys at CA!