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Marne Gordan's Keynote at EIC 2008

Marne's brilliant keynote on the 32 Billion $ (2008) GRC Market. Talking about some famous examples in finance and health industries, she reminds us, that it is all about human behavior, when it gets down to the question, why GRC is so important.


Building an Identity Bus

One of the most amazing panel discussions at EIC 2008 actually took place in the exhibition area and was filmed. Watch Kim Cameron, Felix Gaehtgens, Dave Kearns, Dale Olds and Jackson Shaw discussing the Internet Identity Bus. One of the most amazing panel discussions at EIC 2008 actually took place in the exhibition area and was filmed. Watch Kim Cameron, Felix Gaehtgens, Dave Kearns, Dale Olds and Jackson Shaw discussing the Internet Identity Bus.


Finance Industry - Quo Vadis?

Just as a reminder: A bank's business model usually is, to take risks and to get paid for doing so. If a bank takes the role to pay for risks taken, the business model is broken and this will let such an institution disappear from the market. IT infrastructures have to be built in a way that they flexibly support the business model. Therefore, a bank's IT-infrastructure should be capable of making risks transparent and manageable. External risks and internal ones. The case of Société Générale shows, how vulnerable financial institutions are against inadequate internal oversight caused by...


It is not possible, that a single trader like Jerome Kerviel burns 5bn Euro

It is absolutely impossible, that somebody in a position like Jerome Kerviel can hold trading positions for 50 bn Euros and burn 10% of that amount. It is impossible, because banks nowadays would never rely on simple password protection for their trading systems. they all have state-of-the-art identity management in place and manage business roles in a way that one single trader could not crash the whole bank such big deals would always be routed through acknowledgement processes where duties are segregated Strong Authentication techniques and strict authorization would let...


identity theft & offline fraud in banking industry

In a recent post , I  wrote about those 25 Million British people, whose bank information had been "lost". Jeremy Clarkson, a British TV presenter, wrote in his Sun newspaper column, that such a loss is of no value for somebody who may now own this data. To proof this, he published his own Barclays Bank account information. He now had to admit, that somebody exploited this information and transferred 500 GBP from his account to some welfare organization. So he either was lucky or didn't have more on his account, I suppose.


Customer Identities at Vodafone

Today, I had to put an end to a story lasting for months now, where I tried to change my mobile phone contract I have had at Vodafone since 1996, through cancelling any contract which may exist under my name/my address/my bank account number/my customer number(s).  It all started, when my employer was generous enough to take over my phone contract. Therefore, invoice address and bank account information had to be changed. I wanted to take this occasion and get rid of some add-ons I had been chased to subscribe to through aggressive telemarketing, which I actually never used and did not...


UK Public Services Pushing Identity Theft to a new Level

According to BBC news , UK Chancellor Alistair Darling has admitted "loss" of 25m records by UK Revenue and Customs. 2 disks containing personal information including names, birth dates, National Insurance Numbers and bank account details of 25 million people, essentially of all families resident in the UK with at least one child under 16. He added, that there has been no evidence that this data has fallen into the hands of bad guys, but adviced those 25 million people to watch their bank accounts. Translated from political into real world language, this means that those disks have...


Bye Bye CRM

On this year's Digital ID World in San Francisco, Doc Searls held a keynote on Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) , a concept he has been contributing to as a Harvard ( Berkman Center ) fellow. According to Doc, VRM is the inverse of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and provides methods and tools for individuals to deal with customers. VRM being still quite early in it's evolution, definately is extremely interesting, as it is one of the first initiatives to look into what can be done on top of User Centric Identity , besides decentralized authentication and some kind of...


Orange / France Telecom release OpenID Service

Ariel Gordon and Aude Pichelin from France Telecom (FT) yesterday announced at the 6th Digital ID World in San Francisco release of an OpenID service to their 40 million subscribers. Congratulations to the OpenID community for this big success. It is not surprising that it is FT with it's Orange brand being the first company running an internet scale OpenID service. On the one hand, it's a smart company. They strongly contributed to the emergence of the SAML standard and pushed IBM into the Liberty Alliance some 3 years ago. On the other hand, if there is any industry which can make a...

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