It has been a successful political strategy since the roman empire to divert the people with petty amusements instead of showing attitude. In this sense, German Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner is hitting at Google StreetView and proposes legal action against the camera cars cruising through German cities taking photos.

A the same time, the same government successfully implemented a law that forces any communication provider to store all communication data for at least 6 months and make it available to government institutions without a legal warrant. The same government allowes tax authorities to use a spider software ("Xpider") to screen online auction sites and other market places to  puzzle and store a complete image of what they might consider to be relevant for a tax declaration. And, again the same government allowes tax authorities to screen any bank account at any time without a legal warrant.

So, Google-bashing is just a great thing for German Politics, as they don't even have to fear intervention from a lobby over here. There are enough good reasons for some Google-bashing. But it's not StreetView.