Once again, we are very lucky at Kuppinger Cole, that so many excellent experts from all over the world forward their speaker proposals for the European Identity Conference (EIC), which this year will take place on 4th to 7th May, again in Munich (we will move to a new venue next year!). The agenda is still in draft mode and many things yet have to be added or modified, but if you want to have a first look, even before it is officially published, here is the link: http://www.id-conf.com/events/eic2010/agenda.

Some very exciting and controversal strategic views, like for example Munich Re CIO Dr. Rainer Janßen talking about "what business has to learn, so that IT can align", lots of "real" cloud security topics, many phantastic best practices, and, for the first time this year, combined with a German speaking track (which can be booked separately), dedicated for medium sized companies and public organizations. Stay tuned, I'll be adding content to the agenda every day.