Today, I had to put an end to a story lasting for months now, where I tried to change my mobile phone contract I have had at Vodafone since 1996, through cancelling any contract which may exist under my name/my address/my bank account number/my customer number(s).  It all started, when my employer was generous enough to take over my phone contract. Therefore, invoice address and bank account information had to be changed. I wanted to take this occasion and get rid of some add-ons I had been chased to subscribe to through aggressive telemarketing, which I actually never used and did not miss. And I wanted to change from one flatrated type to another one suiting better my phone habits.

As telcos in general may not be too famous in terms of customer service quality, I did not expect it to be easy.  But what happened was far beyond my imagination:

The first trial (phone, eMail) did not have any effect. After the second trial, my contract had been changed, add-ons were not cancelled, bank account information was not changed, invoice adress was not changed.

Next attempt: they still cash my bank account with a rising amount of money. But I don't get any invoices any more. When I phone them, they cannot trace any changes in their CRM database Everything up to now seems to have reached at some wrong place. They then sent me a form by post where I have to apply for bank account and invoice address change. Several days after I did so, I received a written confirmation to my private address, that

  • They do not have a mobile phone contract under my customer number
  • I signed the mobile phone contract in August 2003
  • My bank information is (private bank account)
  • My invoice address is (private address)
They enclosed a photocopy of my non-existent contract which they say was dated August 2003, but in fact contains August 1996 as contracting date. This photocopy is the only piece of correct information I received. Which does not help me too much, as I have it myself.

Today I received a call from a person from Vodafone service or telemarketing (I don't know, and I don't care anymore) who tried to explain, why invoices do not reach me anymore. The person phoning me did not know, that bank account information and invoice address had changed or should have been changed. Nor did that person know anything about contract changes. He then said, that he will call Vodafone and ask about the status. Hä?

I hope for the future of that company, that I am a grand exception.