We've compiled some questionnaires on different aspects of the IAM and GRC markets and put them online. We'd greatly appreciate your participation on these surveys. Most of the questionnaires are very lean, consisting of 10 to 12 questions - only the IAM market survey 2009 is quite a bit longer.

Two surveys are about the RoI of IAM, or, more correct, different aspects of IAM. The Identity Administration RoI Survey analyzes the cost of administering Identity Management infrastructures. The IAM Tools RoI survey focuses on the cost of the core tools (mainly directories and provisioning) in IAM environments. Once finalized and analyzed, we will provide free webinars on the results of these surveys.

For the ones of you capable of reading German, there are two more surveys. The questionnaire of the IAM market survey 2009 is the basis for our annual market report. Whilst this survey focuses mainly on the D-A-CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) markets, we will soon release an english version for other markets as well.

Another short survey is about the accepted costs of security (especially hardware tokens). This is in German as well.

Thank you in advance for participating!