Even while most IAM and GRC software is provided by US-based companies, there are several vendors from other countries. Eurekify, from Israel, is now part of CA. But there are companies like BHOLD from the Netherlands, IPG from Switzerland, Völcker Informatik or Beta Systems from Germany, Omada from Denmark, Evidian from France, or Symlabs from Portugal, to name just a few.

And there is Engiweb from Italy. Like many of the vendors mentioned, Engiweb started in its home country – but that shouldn’t restrict you from having a closer look at what Engiweb is doing.

Engiweb has a core product called IDEAS which could be best described as role-based authorization management. IDEAS provides features like role mining and the management of authorizations and Segregation of Duties based on business activities and business roles. All that is build on top of a stringent data model.

There are interfaces to some of the leading identity provisioning tools, with IDEAS becoming a business control infrastructure on top of these systems.

Besides the strengths in role management and authorization management from a GRC perspective, IDEAS as well supports authorization management at the application level, e.g. can act as an authorization engine which is used directly by the applications.

Engiweb, a subsidiary of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, the largest Italian system integrator, has a pretty large number of customers using this authorization engine – especially because Engineering is using the technologies in applications they are developing for their customers.

The combination of these two approaches, e.g. authorization management as well from a GRC perspective as support on an application level, within one product is, from our perspective, unique. It might be a model for other vendors as well, with authorization management at the application level (e.g. providing an externalized authorization engine) becoming more and more important.

Overall, Engiweb proves – like other vendors – that it is always worth to have a look not only on the large, established players in the market (which you should look at as well, for sure).

We will provide a product report in Engiweb IDEAS early next year.