One of the key IT topics is the “cloud”. This term which is somewhat “cloudy” is definitely relevant. But, like most new trends, it isn’t really new. Many services within the cloud are here for many years. Look at, to name just one example.

Or have a look at web hosting. Some things have been called “outsourcing” before. For sure the approach of the cloud goes well beyond classical outsourcing. But there are many lessons which can be learned for example from outsourcing: Clearly defined SLAs, defining the location where services are provided from to comply with legal restrictions and so on.

From our perspective, Cloud Computing is one of the most important trends in the IT market for the last years because it combines many existing and new developments and will, based on this, fundamentally change the way companies are doing IT today. There will be much more choice than today.

Cloud Computing offers customers interesting opportunities for optimizing their IT environment. Whether someone really can save money is, like always in IT, somewhat questionable. But there is a good chance to get more for your money. Higher service levels at stable costs are one example.

Kuppinger Cole has decided to add Cloud Computing to our research scope. Thus we will provide a lot of information on this topic – as well with focus on IAM and GRC in the cloud as beyond that.