While M-Tech has a long customer list in northern America there are only a few customers here in Europe - even while M-Tech offers a comprehensive IAM suite. But M-Tech plans to address the European market more actively than before. They might have success if they do it the right way, with building a real presence in different European countries and not constricting their European activities to a one-man-office based in UK, which is the often observed approach of many US companies.

Besides a reasoned approach and some tenacity in addressing the European market(s) the second success factor is the product. M-Tech has improved its product portfolio significantly over the last years. As of now they have a competitive offering in the provisioning space, but as well some interesting add-ons in other areas.

In their early years the product portfolio consisted mainly of ID-Synch and P-Synch for provisioning and password synchronization. Today there are several other components which are offered separately as well as in the form of the M-Tech IDM Suite. There are some features which aren't mainstream and might be the differentiators to other vendors in the IAM market. ID-Discover as tool for discovering existing accounts with a reconciliation component, P-Synch with its somewhat unique approach to E-SSO or ID-Org as a strong component for mapping organizational structures are just some examples. M-Tech also has some very Active Directory-specific components like ID-Access for Active Directory Group Management.

With their features, their strongly integrated products and the specific Active Directory support I personally rate M-Tech as a vendor for the mid-sized businesses, which are at least in the IAM market (and from my swabian perspective where mid-sized companies are rather big) companies in the 2.000-10.000 employee range. In this market segment IAM adoption is still low but the pressure to implement IAM is increasing. With their integrated approach M-Tech might become an interesting player over here in Europe, given that they are actively enough developing the market and trying to build a strong basis of system integration partners.