Felix Gaehtgens, formerly Chief Architect for the virtual directory product at Symlabs, has joined the KPC team as Senior Analyst.

Felix Gaehtgens, an experienced Identity Management and security expert, has become a new team member of Kuppinger Cole + Partner. This will to a great deal add to the effectiveness of the leading European analyst group engaged in all topics related to Digital Identity such as Identity and Access Management, Information Rights Management, SOA security and Governance, Risk and Compliance. In addition to reports, the group will in future provide market analyses for different segments comparing the leading products in the various areas of Identity Management and evaluating them.

Felix Gaehtgens will also be involved in selected strategic consulting projects of Kuppinger Cole + Partner with the analysts´ focus being directed to Identity Management strategies, and playing the part of a “second opinion” when it comes to review strategies and decisions about the choice of a product. To KPC it goes without saying to be strictly producer-neutral.

Felix Gaehtgens joins KPC coming from Symlabs, a company specializing in Identity Management Infrastructure where he was a chief architect for the virtual directory product. Before this, he was involved as an architect and senior engineer in several large directory and messaging infrastructure projects for the Vodafone group, and as a systems, network and database specialist within the banking sector. Having been an early adopter of Internet technologies he has had an email address since 1987, and was quick to jump on the WWW bandwagon, which lead to his involvement to build the first web server for the European Commission Host.

Felix Gaehtgens brings extensive experience in directory technology and identity federation. In addition to enterprise identity management, he also has a deep understanding of the specific identity management issues for Telcos and large service providers, having been involved as an architect in many projects within this space over the years. His understanding of technology is very vertical - he has been an all-rounder, working since 1987 as a developer, system and database administrator, networker, architect and project manager.

The expertise of Kuppinger Cole + Partner has been even more complemented by Felix Gaehtgens, who joined as a Senior Analyst. All relevant topics in the area of Identity Management will be covered by all-rounder Martin Kuppinger with In-depth knowledge in all areas of Identity Management, Jörg Resch with main focus in Identity Federation, User Centric Identity, Privacy and Compliance, Tim Cole as „destinguished fellow “ with main focus in eGovernment, Identity 2.0 and the sociological side of identities, Sebastian Rohr with main focus in the Role Management, User-Centric Identity Management and Role Based Access Control, as well as Dr. Horst Walther with main focus in Roles and Process management.

Kuppinger Cole + Partner feel happy to have won such a top-class partner to join their team.