Now the EIC 2008 is history. Numerous participants, exciting lectures, interesting discussions in Panels and also during the breaks...the conference offered everything.

We would like to thank everybody who made this conference a success, the participants, the sponsors and exhibitors, the catering teams, the technicians and, of course, the more than 130 speakers.

The next conference is already planned. Also in 2009 there will be a European Identity Conference and also in 2009 we will again give away the European Identity Award. The location and the exact date will be announced within the next days.

In our opinion the most important trends on the EIC 2008 were the heavily increased business orientation, the maturity of Identity Federation and the more and more important role of the user-centric Identity Management also in a sense of a beginning of solving the problems of the Identity silages.

Generic GRC solutions (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) are about to become an indispensable part of Identity Management infrastructures based on a strong foundation. Federation is more and more implemented in concrete projects and forms also the basis for a lot of ideas in the user-centric Identity Management. And this is becoming more and more important for business transactions not only with view to end customers but also with view to companies up to the security of service-orientated architectures.

The EIC 2008 not only has delivered a lot of information, with discussions it has also enriched the further development in Identity Management in concrete projects and among the manufactures.

Once again thank you to all people involved and see you at the EIC 2009!

Picture gallery European Identiy Conference 2008: