German vendor Beta Systems, one of the well established vendors in the core IAM market, e.g. provisioning (notably, they provide other solutions as well), has recently unveiled the new version of its provisioning product, now called SAM Enterprise Identity Manager - in contrast to its former name SAM Jupiter. That highlights that this product is part of a specific market segment, the identity provisioning products - most of them are named "Identity Manager". It as well shows that Beta Systems understands this release as a really major release.

And, in fact, it is. Amongst the broad set of new features, there are two really important ones:

  • Beta Systems has finally managed to merge the two releases of its product. Until now, there has been a host-based and a Windows/UNIX based version. The new version runs on all platforms and has, in addition, broader platform support as well for databases and other infrastructure components. Thus, maintenance and development right now is easier for Beta Systems. And, furthermore, customers can now much easier pick their platform of choice.
  • Beta Systems has added multi-tenancy capabilities, being amongst the first provisioning vendors to do that. That is not only interesting to (external and internal) service providers but as well to large organizations in industries with strong compliance regulations which for example have to enforce different segments of IT administration for different parts of the organization - like sometimes in banks.
I especially like the multi-tenancy approach because that will become a mandatory feature in provisioning tools over time.