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Making Use of Consumer Identities

Companies across multiple vertical sectors are encountering challenges and opportunities that are shaping the future direction of consumer identity-centric business. Faced with the erosion of revenues from the rapid encroachment of challengers into their traditional market strongholds, many companies are realising that data represents their most significant asset to provide added value to their customers in the future. Key to this transformation will be how companies manage users’ digital identity data better and position themselves as secure identity brokers/providers in a highly...


Telcos: Making Use of Consumer Identities

For years telcos have been sitting on a wealth of user data. Where market penetration of connected devices, from smartphones to tablets, has reached saturation point, telcos have developed a billing relationship and a profile for most of the population including family groups and businesses. Anyone under the age of 30 has grown up in a mobile connected world with a service provider, over familiar from blanket public exposure through media advertising and sports sponsorship – the telco’s presence is rarely far away. This degree of familiarity could be expected to offer a high...

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