This has been an intense week at PDC 2008 - the first one ever for me. I'm sure it won't be my last!

If you've followed our Kuppinger Cole news, you may have seen my article about Microsoft's Geneva announcement. I was very excited about this announcement, because of the importance of the identity metasystem for the future. Microsoft clearly putting its money where its mouth is and fully jumping onto the bandwagon of a fully interoperable, open claims-based identity metasystem. This is not just interesting if you run Microsoft software. This has a profound and positive impact on our industry as a whole.

I am holding a Webinar today (Friday morning in the Americas=afternoon in Europe, Middle East, Africa) to put all of this into what I think is the proper perspective and outlining why I think this is such a big deal, why this is relevent for you and how you can profit from this. You are all cordially invited!