As I already wrote in my last blog, one of my personal highlights at the European Identity Conference was the discussion that I had with Dale Olds, Jackson Shaw, Kim Cameron and Dave Kearns on the concept of the "Identity Bus" of the future. It's now online! So here you go, enjoy ;-)

We're obviously just at the very beginning, but hopefully we've kicked off a good discussion to be continued via our blogs, papers, etc! I think it is very important that we do this and solve many issues around identity. A new type of identity plumbing, indeed. Let's keep up the momentum that's been building over the last few weeks - now is the time to do it :-)

Thanks to my colleagues Bernd and Alexei who've been working hard to digitalise and cut the videos that we've shot at the European Identity Conference 2008. And of course, a big THANK YOU from my side to Dale, Jackson, Kim and Dave!