I was delighted when I saw that LDAPcon is happening again this year. I went to the first event in Cologne, Germany 2007, and was very impressed. When you have the "creme de la creme" from the LDAP community talking about their favourite topic, you're guaranteed an interesting and exhiliarating time - assuming that LDAP and directories are your thing.

I still remember last time how Howard Chu gave us a musical demonstration of how a well-performing directory should perform - on the violin! I don't think anybody forgot that. We also got a very good overview of the different open source projects around directories, and about how to make good use of some of the LDAP extensions.

This time, we'll also have two action-packed days, and the call for papers is open. I encourage everybody to share their best practises, vision and thought and make this an unforgettable event as well. I'll be submitting for sure :-)

LDAPcon takes place in Portland and starts on September 20, a day before LinuxCon. The second day will be shared with LinuxCon, it seems. Might as well stay for LinuxCon as well! This is a good event not just for directory vendors and project maintainers, but especially also for those who deploy and run LDAP directories in challenging environments, and those who develop software that talks to LDAP servers. Kudos to the Symas guys for helping organise it (and they are just helping to organise it - it's not at all an OpenLDAP conference, if that what you're thinking). I'm definitely looking forward to it!

BTW I just saw that Ludo wrote about it as well, and even posted some photos from the 2007 event.