My friend Gerry Gebel, long time Burton Group analyst is joining Axiomatics to ramp up the company's US presence. I received an email from him that started by saying "I thought I would give you a nice surprise on a Saturday morning"... and indeed what a surprise that was!

I can definitely understand Gerry's choice for Axiomatics. The company is new, up and coming, full of very smart people and way ahead of everyone else in the area of authorisation/access management. Axiomatics comes at the top places in my own personal "favourite innovative companies" list, together with Unbound ID, the latter continuing to amaze me by their determination (and skill!) to redefine directory services from the ground up and "do it properly". Both Axiomatics and Unbound ID will in the near future surely conquer the Identity Management world as we know it! OK joke aside ;-)

Speaking of Axiomatics, the timing (for me, personally) was actually quite interesting, as I have just finished a report on the company's "Policy Server" and "Policy Auditor". This is due to come up on our site within the next week. The report focuses on strengths and weaknesses of the products, the contexts in which it is most useful, the areas in which it is way ahead of its competitors and where it still needs to catch up.

I've also had the pleasure of doing a few Webinars (here and here) with Axiomatics and also interviewed Babak at last year's EIC. So congratulations both to Gerry and to Axiomatics, a great team has gotten another great addition!