Please join me tomorrow for a free Webinar on the topic "Beyond Role Based Access Control - the ABAC Approach".

Many - if not most - organisations are not getting as much value as they thought from RBAC (role based access control). In fact, many RBAC projects start with high expectations, but quickly get bogged down due to many issues and problems. Eventually it turns out that the initial expectations were too ambitious. But why? Is RBAC making promises that are difficult to keep?

Many in the industry (Babak and myself included) think that this is due to the fact that the real world just happens to be too complex to model efficiently with RBAC. This means that organisations must be realistic about what they can achieve with RBAC, and mitigate some of its shortcomings. But isn't there a better way? There certainly is, and that's what we'll be speaking about tomorrow. There's nothing wrong about roles per se, but we need to add more context to them. Then finally, we can reap the full benefits of agile access management, reach and even surpass the value that was expected from troubled RBAC projects.

I am delighted to speak again on a Webinar with Babak Sadighi, CEO and one of the founders of Axiomatics. Babak and his colleagues are an extremely smart bunch of people who are very passionate about access control. They have researched the topic for many years. I've interviewed Babak at the last European Identity Conference, which you can see here. So if you're interested in access and role management, please join us tomorrow, I promise that you will not be disappointed :-)