It's been an exciting last week starting off with DEC 2008 in Chicago, and ending with a roller coaster ride into JFK Saturday evening, on the way back to Europe. DEC, as always, is packed with interesting presentations from the best technology experts all around the topic of directories and identity management in the Microsoft technology space. Virtually all of the latest knowledge is packed into three full days, which sometimes unfortunately means that you have to make a very difficult choice of choosing which presentation to go to when some really interesting ones take place at the same time. But that's unavoidable, unless of course DEC was to be stretched out over two weeks - and I wouldn't want to know what corporate travel departments would think about that! Luckily, rumour has it that slides to all of the sessions are available for those that went to the conference.

Unfortunately the WLAN card in my (almost) brand new HP collapsed and steadily refused service afterwards, so I was relegated back to the world of wireless-less Internetworking, which proved a challenge due to the business center closing at 7 and the wired connection in my room without a link. Now as I have got it fixed (thanks, HP!) I'm back in business, so here are my two other reports from DEC 2008!