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Oracle OpenWorld ’13 Part 2 of 2 – going for more than the Americas Cup?

It is now nearly a month since Oracle OpenWorld 2013 closed and Oracle Team USA made an incredible win in the 34th Americas Cup. Both events have been amazing experiences with OpenWorld attracting more that 65000 attendees and Oracle Team USA coming back from certain defeat to a mind-blowing win. While I am a huge sailing fanatic, and probably could go on for days about the Americas Cup, in this blog post I will focus on what I believe the key messages from Oracle at OpenWorld were and also what it says about where Identity and Access Management is going. I came to Oracle OpenWorld with...


Oracle OpenWorld '13 Part 1 - Midway Report

Whilst the majority of the IT press is focusing on the big announcements being made here at Oracle OpenWorld, such as in-memory storage and the extended collaboration between Oracle, EMC and Microsoft, I would like to focus a bit more on the Identity & Access Management news. There are several new innovations from Oracle which have not got the same attention as the keynotes, even though many of them are, in my opinion, game-changing and could have a significant impact on the business world. In this post I will cover them briefly, and in the following weeks I will be going into more...


GEICO prepares to take IAM to new levels

GEICO the third-largest private passenger auto insurer, serving more that 12 million private passenger customers, have selected the Open Identity Stack from ForgeRock to help them take IAM to the next level. The ForgeRock Open Identity Stack is a 100 percent open source identity stack to secure applications and services across clouds, SaaS, mobile, and enterprise systems. GEICO intends to use the stack to support the building of an online customer portal while providing a secure and modern experience for their customers. So what is the important thing to notice in this? Well firstly the...


Is the cloud really a "honeypot" for PRISM?

Revelations in the last week around PRISM have shocked many and it is forcing many of us to re-evaluate our position towards providers of cloud services. I don't really believe that it comes as a shock to anyone, that various US Agencies have the ability, nor do I believe that anyone could have doubted that they are actively using that ability to intercept internet traffic and scan it for threats to National Security. What I find shocking is the possible extent of the monitoring and the way it has been done. To me at least an important question has to be asked in the wake of these...

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