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KuppingerCole Services

KuppingerCole offers clients a wide range of reports, consulting options and events enabling aimed at providing companies and organizations with a clear understanding of both technology and markets, enabling them to fine-tune their own strategies and projects avoid costly mistakes in choosing vendors and solutions. Our commitment is to focus on what business really needs from IT, with the desire to assist you in improving IT alignment and overall business performance.

Our main objective as an analyst company is to be perfectly informed about the current market status, relevant vendors and products at all times.

The close and steady relationship with the market leads to a wide-ranging view and provides KuppingerCole a broad knowledge of best practices.

KuppingerCole offers high-level market knowledge and comprehensive expertise within these core areas:

KuppingerCole’s Research offers a broad range of vendor-neutral information, extending from Product Reports, through Technology and Trend Reports, to extensive market analysis for individual segments.

With our Advisory Services KuppingerCole’s Senior Analysts support IT professionals with expertise and market knowledge in all relevant decision-making processes and in the definition of future IT strategies.

We will be your partner, act as your trusted advisor in projects and connect you with the right people.

We assist our customers in defining well-thought-out and well-aligned strategies with clearly prioritized steps. We offer lean and tailored services. The outcome is a sustained knowledge transfer to secure lasting effects.

Our Senior Analysts intend to advise comprehensively in order to support you and your business most effectively.

KuppingerCole’s services allow you to feel comfortable and secure in making decisions essential to your business.

KuppingerCole´s Events are well recognized in the IT and IAM world. We offer conferences, summits and seminars all over the world as well as webinars providing first-hand insights on your key topics.

At our flagship event, the EIC Conference, you will get great network opportunities and access to up-to-date information for the best possible support of your future IT model.

Many of the services offered by KuppingerCole are freely accessible through our blogs, newsletters, webinars and podcasts. Register today to see what our team of analysts have to offer you.


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As a KuppingerCole client you get:

  Full Access to KC Research
  Advisory calls on your main topics
  Written Assessments on your topics
  Free of charge conference ticket(s) for any KC event
  10% reduction on further projects


Become a KuppingerCole Client and ask for your individual offer! For further information please contact sales@kuppingercole.com

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Adaptive Authentication & Authorization
It’s called “adaptive” because it adapts to the circumstances at the time of the authentication ceremony and dynamically adjusts both the authentication factors as well as the facet(s) of the factors chosen. This is all done as part of the risk analysis of what we call the Adaptive Policy-based Access Management (APAM) system.
KC EXTEND shows how the integration of new external partners and clients in your IAM can be done while at the same time the support of the operational business is ensured.
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