Nishant Kaushik - At the Intersection of Security, Innovation and Privacy: Invisible Identity

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We’ve reached an interesting crossroads in identity management, as it transitions from being a niche area of interest to a major pillar in corporate IT. Balancing competing but complementary concerns of security, innovation and privacy requires a rethink of how we’ve traditionally used identity in IT. Invisible Identity is an architectural and functional imperative to make identity simply disappear from people’s sight, moving into the background as a silent protector and enabler. But this move is fraught with challenges, whether they be concerns about privacy or choices of technology. To help navigate these waters successfully, this talk will present the 4 Core Principles of Invisible Identity that provide a framework to help guide organizations on the road to adopting an identity-based security model - one that never loses focus on the symbiotic partnership between security and usability.

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