KuppingerCole Analysts organizes Consumer Identity World APAC in Singapore

Wiesbaden, November 12, 2018 – For the second time the Consumer Identity World APAC will take place from November 20-22, 2018 at The Westin Hotel, Singapore. Singapore is the third event of the Consumer Identity World Tour which already took place in Seattle (Sep 19-21) and Amsterdam (Oct 29-31).

The Consumer Identity World APAC is the place where you get input for the perfect CIAM Strategy. Attendees can learn more about Privacy by Design, Consent Life Cycle Management, the needs of their customers and how to secure their personal information in a strategic and user-friendly way.

More than ever, the challenge is to offer user-friendly login procedures via social media accounts, passwords or biometric devices while securing and respecting personal data at the same time. This combination must be taken seriously to provide a smooth Customer Experience (CX) and to guarantee that every consumer can control the access to his personal information.

In a consumer-driven world, companies have the task to see things from the customer’s perspective. Customer Experience is king and delivering an incredible experience through a bespoke, tailored, and relevant communication is everything. This leads to the fact that the collaboration of Marketing and IT becomes more and more important. MarTech, Marketing Automation, and AI are on their way and here to stay. Therefore, most of all Marketing Executives will need to focus on the customer lifecycle and blend the art of engagement, the science of data, and the power of technology to create digital ecosystems that connect at every touch point.

At the Consumer Identity World APAC, you will learn how to satisfy your customers by delivering highly personal, and very compelling experiences to smart mobile devices, smart systems, cars, utilities and more.

The first day of the Conference is the LIGHTest Workshop Day. Join the LIGHTest project team as they provide an overview of the LIGHTest project which aims to develop a lightweight trust infrastructure providing parties of electronic transactions with automatic validation of trust based on their individual trust policies. The workshop will cover the legal, technical and business aspects of the project as it enters year 3 and provide use case studies as well as cover in more detail the pilot projects that are underway with Correos and CT. CT are involved in PEPPOL which is a consortium of governments and companies in Europe making a single market for public procurement. LIGHTest will allow participants to download trust chains when needed, dramatically speeding up processes. With regards the Correos pilot, the eCorreos mature cloud-based platform will be available to market-check LIGHTest to discover the benefits of using an additional trust management DNS infrastructure and its market acceptance.

During the Conference Day 2 and Day 3 the following key topics will be the main focus of the event:

  • Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)
  • Customer Journey & Customer Experience
  • MarTech – Marketing Automation
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • GDPR is here now
  • Consent Life Cycle Management
  • Privacy by Design
  • Consumer First - User-friendly login procedures
  • Get the latest Market Overview of CIAM Solutions

More information about the event and the possibility to register for the Consumer Identity World can be found at https://www.kuppingercole.com/ciwapac2018

Press, journalists, and bloggers can register directly and for free with this Accreditation Form

Consumer Identity World APAC 2018


Consumer Identity World APAC 2018

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