Analyst Companies Publish Survey about the Current State of Identity and Access Management in Organizations on behalf of BetaSystems

Wiesbaden, June 29th, 2017 – KuppingerCole Ltd., an international and independent analyst organization with a strong focus on Information Security, Identity and Access Management as well as all areas concerning the Digital Transformation, together with CXP Group, an independent European research and advisory firm in the field of digital, software and IT services – have conducted a joint survey on the current state of Identity and Access Management in organizations. The survey is written on behalf of BetaSystems, Europe’s leading independent provider of identity and access management solutions (IAM) for corporate customers.

The survey looks at how prepared organizations are for upcoming requirements imposed by the Digital Transformation, such as the need for better managing consumer identities, protecting PII and ensuring that both access to internals and externals to such information is restricted, regardless of whether the information is handled by cloud services or on premises.

The majority of organizations has a Digital Transformation strategy defined, even while there still seems to be a gap in both maturity of such strategies and their internal communication. More than 85 % of the respondents of this survey rate a mature Identity & Access Management (IAM) strategy as highly important for succeeding in the Digital Transformation. This proves the relevance of IAM for business success. However, while the need for IAM is well understood, the reality is that most organizations still have a long way to go, for both managing consumer identities and for implementing the solid foundation of an internal IAM framework that ensures the protection of sensitive and valuable data. Roundabout two-thirds of the organizations will not have a central management of consumer identities within the next 18– 24 months. More than half of the organizations do not have a mature IAM infrastructure in place.

“From our perspective, it is mandatory for organizations to move forward in their IAM strategies and their deployment, building both the solid foundation for their existing systems and expanding support to new groups of users, such as consumers,” says Martin Kuppinger, Founder, and Principal Analyst from KuppingerCole.

Organizations are under pressure to change in the current age of Digital Transformation. Business models are changing, and a common element of new business models is the changing relationship with customers and consumers. While managing consumer identities is increasing in relevance, most information still is held in on-premise systems. The combination of new regulations, such as the upcoming EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the need to open existing infrastructures for new groups of users – the consumers – as well as new types of (consumer-facing) applications increase the requirement for building on a strong foundation in Enterprise IAM.

A Management Summary of the new “Current State of Identity and Access Management in Organizations Survey” is now available free of charge at the KuppingerCole website.
The full study can be downloaded here.

Journalists, please send us specimen copies of any published articles or links to online publications referring to this study.

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