KuppingerCole’s 1st Digital Finance World 2017

Wiesbaden, February 23, 2017 – On Wednesday, March 01, 2017 starts for the first time KuppingerCole’s Digital Finance World (DFW) at the House of Logistics (HOLM) in Frankfurt a. M.. The conference offers with its two event days and an exhibition area a place where the finance and insurance world talks about innovations.

Participants can interact with a targeted and engaged audience, enjoy an unparalleled content depth and get guidance for critical decisions on the digital transformation of your enterprise.

During the two days, the attendees receive the latest information about Blockchain, Bitcoins, Big Data and the Internet of Value. The speakers' list includes internationally renowned digital transformation thought leaders, finance industry professionals, fintech 2.0 founders, analysts and blockchain experts. At the parallel trade show assemble specialized exhibitors such as fintechs, technology developers and financial institutes from all over the world. The target of the event is to prepare the participants for future challenges and network with other players in the market.

Blockchain, Cybercrime, Identity Management for Finance and Insurance – the Digital Finance World deals with these three late-breaking topics. Instead of beating around the bush and getting an overload of information, the attendees hear what it is really needed to stay competitively, viable, and secure in the coming years of disruptive digital transformation.

“In looking at the highly regulated financial industry, we see a lot of energy and budgets being consumed by projects and initiatives which just try to align with regulation, giving organizations a wrong sense of what innovation means”, says Martin Kuppinger, Founder, and Principal Analyst from KuppingerCole. “We will explain how traditional players like banks can get back into a more proactive role and better focus on the new opportunities coming along with PSD2.”    

The rate of cybercrime is growing in every industry; today no one is safe from digital evil. The finance industry, however, is one of the biggest attack targets, not least because of its business model: Money. The main reasons are either robbery or political motivation. In any case, there are cyber risks of all kinds involved.

At the Digital Finance World, you can hear from experienced security professionals in all-sizes of finance and insurance companies from around the world present best practices to avoid becoming a victim or, at least, how to mitigate the outcome of attacks. In the end, this will help every organization to save effort and money as well as keep their reputation as a strong and reliable partner for customers and collaborators.

The conference will run until Thursday, March 02, 2017. There is still time to register for the remaining days online at the event website or on-site in Frankfurt a. M..

Press, journalists, and bloggers can register directly and for free here.

Digital Finance World 2017


Digital Finance World 2017

HOLM - House of Logistics & Mobility, Frankfurt am Main

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