10th European Identity and Cloud Conference 2016 is approaching

Munich, May 9, 2016 – Under the motto „Enabling Agility and Innovation in the Age of Digital Transformation “ the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016, Europe’s leading event for Identity and Access Management (IAM), Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), as well as Cloud Security, starts tomorrow in Munich, Germany. For the 10th time KuppingerCole brings together over 60 exhibitors and more than 700 participants including most of the world’s leading vendors, end users, thought leaders, visionaries and analysts.Leading experts in IAM and Information Security will talk about best practices and ways to effectively mitigate future Digital Risks for enterprises. In every year the Conference offers a world class list of speakers and a unique mix of presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership and analyst views.

“This year you will experience how Security and Privacy by Design build the foundation for agile business”, Joerg Resch, managing director at KuppingerCole, states “New Security challenges are arising as business undergoes a Digital Transformation where everything is ever-changing and innovation happens at high speed”. “But of course we do not forget the “down to earth” topics like Identity and Access Management/Governance or Cloud Security”, says Resch. EIC 2016 as always is a mix of forward looking presentations and concrete advices.  “I strongly recommend looking at the KuppingerCole ‘best practice’ subscription, providing you access to our knowledge from more than ten years of advisory in a ready-to-use format, helping you reducing your project cost and risk” mentions Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal Analyst of KuppingerCole. 

Today the Countdown starts with the Pre-Conference Seminar about Blockchain. Under the title „Moving Beyond the Hype: EIC 2016 Blockchain Seminar” five top speakers featuring Martin Kuppinger (Founder & Principal Analyst, KuppingerCole), Daniel Sandmann (Head of Compliance Policy, Communications & Regulatory Affairs Allianz SE) and Prof. Dr. Karin Gräslund (Scientific Advisor, KuppingerCole) talk about why there is such a big hype around the blockchain technology and how it is going to influence our future industry. Attendees of the EIC 2016 can participate in this seminar for free.

The European Identity and Cloud Conference 2016 provides an overall perspective on the future of information security. There rarely has been so much disruptive change driven by innovations in IT ever before. Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain are at the forefront of these changes and will massively impact the business models of many organizations, well beyond the Finance industry and FinTechs. IoT is becoming a standard element, closely connected to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Again, business processes and business models will change massively in the hyper connected world. The relationship to customers is already changing and we are about to enter the post-app era. Device mesh is a reality in today’s user behavior. Machine learning and deep learning open new opportunities, well beyond Big Data Analytics. Business is changing and IT has to change as well. IT organization, IT processes, and the underlying technology. On top of this, as the sword of Damocles there are the ever-increasing challenges of security, privacy, data protection, and last not least compliance in this brave new world. These are further key topics of this year’s European and Cloud Conference presentations.

The conference will run until Friday, May 13, 2016. There is still time to register for the remaining days online at www.id-conf.com or on-site in Munich. Press, journalists and bloggers can register directly and for free.


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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016

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