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KuppingerCole Analyst Services
In the networked economy of the 21st century, digital identities play a key role in establishing trust, achieving security, lowering costs and making business processes more efficient. Things like Identity and Access Management (IAM) or Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) are taking center stage, and as a decision maker in corporate IT departments you increasingly ask yourself: What strategy should I follow for getting started, and which products will work best within the framework of my existing IT landscape? From bitter experience you know that many IT projects fail for trivial reasons - but what are they? So you want to know what homework to do before embarking on ambitious IM or GRC projects. And you may ask yourself how to avoid the typical pitfalls and how to get everybody in the company pulling together in one direction.



KC Trusted Independent Advice in CLoud ASSurance

  • KC CLASS includes a detailed analysis of the Cloud Assurance management tasks in your company
  • An analysis of the current status of the Cloud Services integration in your Identity & Access Management
  • An action plan as a result of this analysis
  • A recommendation on how you can standardize the approach for the evaluation of Cloud Service Providers



A maturity analysis for your IAM program

  • You need an independent assessment to evaluate your current status in Identity & Access Management
  • You want to know whether your existing structures will meet future requirements
  • You would like to know how you can integrate new business requirements and services in your current Identity & Access Management



Business Agility and Information Security for your Extended Enterprise

  • You need external users, business partners and customers to be securely integrated into your Identity and Access Management architecture
  • You need internal users to have access to systems of external partners
  • You want to know what kind of external directory service and what forms of Identity Management as a Service (IdMaaS) are needed
  • You are uncertain whether new standards such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID.connect are important for you
  • You are wondering how you can solve current problems with today‘s standards and products future-proofed


KuppingerCole Vendor Services
The market for Identity and Access Management (IAM), governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) and cloud computing is expanding by leaps and bounds. In fact, no other segment of the IT market can boast such dynamic growth rates. At the same time, the pace of product innovation is picking up, with new players gearing up to compete with existing vendors for their share of the pie. It is vitally important for vendors and developers as well as system houses and service providers to keep up with the latest trends and to assess their own offerings - and those of the competition. That's where KuppingerCole comes in. We are one of Europe's leading analyst groups, and we are totally focused on the market for IAM and GRC as well as cloud computing and IT security. We have our fingers on the pulse of the industry and are able to tell you exactly where the best chances await to stake out a claim to success in this exciting market. Which is why more and more vendors turn to us for solid advice and critical evaluation.



A revaluation of your product roadmap to enable you to:

  • Precisely adjust your product roadmap to market needs and opportunities
  • Make sure that your product roadmap is future proof
  • Safeguard your investments


KuppingerCole Briefings

KuppingerCole welcomes the opportunity to hear from IT companies when they launch a new product or service or have other interesting progress to announce.

Please fill in the request form, and we will contact you shortly. 

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How Mature is your IAM Program
Maturity Models come of age already. They themselves have matured considerably. Like many other methodologies they have followed a certain hype cycle characteristics and have by now arrived on a plateau of general acceptance. Nevertheless rating the maturity of IAM/IAG programs is not easy. Therefore some questions arise when a maturity model is to be employed. What are these questions?
KuppingerCole Maturity Assessement Program
KC MAP offers a standardized approach to rate the status of current IT programs from both the Business and IT perspective. KC MAP identifies and prioritizes the fields of activity, delivers focused advice for further IT spending, advises on the current trends that are relevant to your organization.
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