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Vendor Report: Lieberman Software - 70107

Lieberman Software is an established vendor in the PxM (Privileged Access, Account, Identity, User Management) market, one of the fastest growing segments in the broader IAM and GRC market. The core product ERPM (Enterprise Random Password Manager) supports the management of all types of passwords in a heterogeneous environment by managing and securing the passwords. In addition to its core PxM product, Lieberman Software delivers various Windows management tools.

In contrast to other vendors in the PxM market, Lieberman Software focuses on the management of the passwords of privileged identities and does not try to solve all the various aspects of PxM on its own. Instead, the vendor provides strong integration capabilities and a large number of standard integrations to third-party PxM solutions, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions, and other tools. Thus it can be said that Lieberman is following a “good citizen” approach to  solving both the fundamental PxM issue of managing passwords as complementing existing solutions which are installed in many organizations historically, for example to specifically protect UNIX environments.

Lieberman Software has successfully built a large and extensive partner ecosystem including technology partnerships and service partners to help customers with all phases of deployment and integration. The company has come a long way over the last few years and now appears to be able to support customers on a global basis through its partner ecosystem. We strongly recommend considering Lieberman Software’s EPRM for evaluation on a stand-alone system in cases where privileged password management is a strong requirement, as well as for use as a complementary solution to PxM point solutions already in place, as a means to protect your company’s investments and to fill existing gaps in managing privileged user accounts.

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