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GRC: Going beyond IAM

GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) has become a major business driver for IT. That isn't surprising. Beyond the legal requirements in becoming compliant to specific regulations like SOX, Euro-SOX, Basel II or the German BDSG (Data Privacy Law), to name just a few, Governance is the overall guideline for managing any organization.


Business Service Management and System Management

Business Service Management (BSM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) as well as approaches like ITIL, ISO 20000 and COBIT are central to IT management. They embrace and extend the former System Management, which still is relevant. BSM and ITSM are a layer above, providing more appropriate control over IT than the more technical approaches of classical system management.


Understanding the Impact of IAM for SOA – and vice versa

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is definitely one of the most misapplied acronyms in IT. Beyond the architectural approach which is described by the term it is used for a new, process-oriented type of business applications which consist of orchestrated (web) services.



Enterprise Information Management – the next evolutionary step

Enterprise Information Management describes an approach which goes well beyond IAM, ECM, and other technologies - due to the fact that it is an integrated view, from the perspective of the information owner and information user.


Identity Management and Security – a huge overlap

Sometimes, IT solutions can be applied in the same manner to all or at least many industries. But in many cases, industry-specific requirements and industry-knowledge is required for optimized solutions.

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Cloud Provider Assurance
Using the cloud involves an element of trust between the consumer and the provider of a cloud service; however, it is vital to verify that this trust is well founded. Assurance is the process that provides this verification. The first step towards assuring a cloud service is to understand the business requirements for it. The needs for cost, compliance and security follow directly from these requirements. There is no absolute assurance level for a cloud service – it needs to be just as secure, compliant and cost effective as dictated by the business needs –– no more and no less.
KC Trusted Independent Advice in CLoud ASSurance
KC CLASS includes a detailed analysis of the Cloud Assurance management tasks in your company and the current status of the Cloud Services integration in your IAM, and a recommendation on how you can standardize the approach for the evaluation of Cloud Service Providers.
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